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Ethical practices

I’m passionate about looking after the world we live in and have structured my jewellery making around being as ethical and sustainable as possible.

Handmade in the UK

All my jewellery is handmade by me in the UK. This gives my jewellery a much lower carbon footprint than a lot of jewellery where production is often overseas.

Recycled silver

Wherever possible, I’m try to find alternatives that are environmentally friendly, ethical and sustainable. I use recycled silver and gold, and as is common when working with precious metals (from an environmental and cost perspective!) I recycle every bit of scrap from my workshop.

The dreaded plastic!

Unfortunately plastic bags are widely used to prevent the onset of tarnish. However it’s great to see that one of the industry’s major suppliers has recently switched to paper bags, and most of my supplies come from here. Many other suppliers are yet to follow suit and when it’s necessary to use others, I’m able to re-use any plastic bags for safe storage of my own stock. 

Re-use, recycle

There are many other ways in which I try to be environmentally friendly, which though they seem small – eg recycling padded envelopes or recycling anything that I can’t re-use – I hope they add up to a larger whole.

Ethically Sourced Gemstones

Many of the gemstones I use are natural, and as a small business I’m doing my utmost to ensure the stones I use are ethical and sustainable. I work hard to build up relationships with suppliers who share the same eco-values and ethos, who assure me they treat their workers fairly, providing a safe workplace, access to health care and a fair wage. I’ll continue to monitor all my suppliers to ensure I only work with those I believe are ethical and fair.

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